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Orthodontics / Braces

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Orthodontics/ Braces

Here at Eccleshill Dental we offer a range of orthodontic treatments from as little as £41.90 per month!*

We use Quick Straight Teeth for mild cases, Fastbraces for moderate cases and Specialist Orthodontics for severe cases.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is the most effective, comfortable and affordable system to give you a perfect smile.

Using brackets and wires to straighten your teeth gently minimises discomfort whilst providing optimum wearability which is discreet. The braces are either clear or hidden and feel extremely comfortable on your teeth. Read more…

Quick Straight Teeth

Teeth after treatment with Quick Straight Teeth Braces at Eccleshill Dental, Bradford

Patient’s teeth after treatment with Quick Straight Teeth braces at Eccleshill Dental

Before and after Quick Straight Teeth Braces at Eccleshill Dental, Bradford

Teeth before and after treatment with Quick Straight Teeth and Enlighten tooth whitening.

Quick Straight Teeth – Patient Testimonial

Fast Braces

orthodontics yorkshire
Dr.Karan Rishi
a proud Fastbraces® provider:
braces technology that is fast,
safe and affordable.
The journey to a confident smile begins with Fastbraces.

Fastbraces are one of the most affordable and effective solutions to give that beautiful smile you deserve!

Using a patented triangular design, cutting edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire, Fastbraces are completely changing the field for orthodontics. The technology is a fast, safe and easy treatment. Read more…

Specialist Orthodontic Procedures

For cases that are more severe, we would recommend our specialist orthodontic procedures. To find out more about our orthodontics services contact us today on 01274 633406.


*subject to terms and conditions. Based on a 60 month finance agreement with no deposit for quick straight teeth orthodontics one arch.