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Stain Removal

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Stain Removal

We use an advanced system to remove simple tooth staining which is often caused by smoking, red wine, coffee and tea. Stain removal treatment is a fantastic way to boost the start of teeth whitening and is ideal for smokers or for those with a special occasion on the horizon.

We use a high-power air flow polishing treatment to remove stains on the surface and in-between your teeth. This is followed by a complementary high-gloss polish using a diamond polishing paste.

We can provide intense stain removal for difficult to remove stains built up over a period of time or, we can provide a shorter ‘re-fresh’ treatment for those wishing to keep up with the maintenance of their smile.

Be assured you will leave us after your completely painless treatment with an improved bright, healthy smile and a fantastic fresh feeling.

Whitening Wednesdays

Every Wednesday if you book and complete our tailored whitening treatment for 2 or more people you will receive 20% discount.