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Crowns @ Eccleshill Dental


A crown is a cap which is made from metal, porcelain and metal or all ceramic and is cemented in place over the whole tooth.

Crowns are used on teeth to:

  • restore broken and decayed teeth to protect them
  • align and change their shape
  • close gaps
  • improve texture and colour


We also use a crown when a tooth is weakened e.g. after root canal treatment or a large filling, a crown is more suitable than a veneer which is usually used if the tooth is strong and intact.

The tooth which requires a crown is filed to make a smooth post onto which the crown is fixed.  It can take a week or two for our laboratory to produce a new crown so we fit temporary crowns whilst the new crown is being made.

Old style crowns can often have dark margins. We can replace existing crowns with natural looking crowns, eliminating the tell-tale dark edge and improve your confidence to smile.
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