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Relaxing, Reassuring & Gentle Treatment

Do you feel nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist?

Do you need dental treatment but are struggling to take the step to booking your appointment?

Have you had a bad experience in the past that you can’t forget?

We understand and we can help!

At Eccleshill Dental, all our team are completely understanding of the anxiety, worry and sense of the unknown that some patients feel before or during their visit. We know this can be triggered by a number of things, including the sounds, smells, memories of bad experiences or the worry that treatment will hurt.

Whatever your concerns, we take the time to try and ease your anxieties with a combination of kindness, gentleness, experience, and taking visits and appointments at your pace.

We are very experienced at caring for nervous patients, employing and offering various techniques to help with anxiety. It all starts with a calm, caring approach where we take the time to explain, advise and reassure, allowing you to make the right treatment decisions for you.

We understand and we care

We tend to find that in cases where someone hasn’t seen a dentist for some years, they are surprised at how different the practice is compared to their experiences in childhood. This applies to both the environment and approach of the dentist. Rest assured that you have the knowledge that our dentists are continuously learning about advancements in techniques, ensuring that you will be in excellent, caring hands. We will work gently with you to try and alleviate your fears, improve your oral health and build up your trust in us.

Patients are most welcome to visit informally before making an appointment if they wish, so they can gauge how relaxed and welcoming the environment is.

Here are some tips on how to feel more relaxed about your dental care:

  • Ask us for an early appointment and have less time for the worry to build up
  • Remember that your first appointment (if it’s not an informal visit) will be a simple check-up and chat, getting to know your dentist
  • Let us know that you’re anxious before your appointment and we will create more time for you to ask us questions
  • Start with a clean and polish to start building up your trust in us
  • Bring a friend with you
  • Bring some headphones with you to listen to music on your phone during your visit if it helps you to relax
  • Agree a sign to stop to help you feel more in control


If you need to have root canal treatment or any type of oral surgery, we can help you feel relaxed during the treatment with sedation. It is a type of medication that helps you to relax and overcome your nerves. Sedation is not to be confused with general anaesthetic. You are awake the whole time and can speak to our dentist and nurses during the treatment. It brings on a state of deep relaxation where you can rest comfortably while we look after your dental care.

If you feel that you need to have sedation as part of your treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will arrange it for you. You will need to have someone accompany you at the practice as the effects of sedation last after the treatment.

Learn more about sedation

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