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Dentures in Bradford

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth which are removable and function like natural teeth.

There are different types of denture to suit each person and can be either removable or implant retained dentures. They can be made from an acrylic/resin mixture or porcelain.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the procedure to have dentures involve?

Tooth extraction or gum disease treatment may be necessary before proceeding with dentures. This will be assessed and discussed with you at your initial appointment. When any necessary prior treatment is complete and your dentist is happy with your oral health, they will take impressions to ensure an ideal fit is achieved for your mouth and jaw.

After the impressions have been taken, the moulds will be given to our trusted dental technician who will make a wax denture for you to try and decide if it feels and looks perfect. If there are any amendments to be made, the information will be sent to the technician with instructions where they will craft your permanent dentures. Your dentist will then ensure your new dentures are fitted comfortably and look natural before completing treatment.

How long does it take to have dentures made?

Treatment can take from a few days to 4 weeks, depending on current oral health, materials to be used, the technician and the quality of the denture. Temporary dentures can sometimes be made in a day for use during the waiting period but these will not be as perfectly fitted as your own crafted dentures.

Are there any complications with dentures?

A denture that is not fitted correctly can cause swollen and irritable gums. Your mouth can also change over time which may result in a loose fitting denture. These can be addressed with modifications of your old denture or the making of a new denture.

Do I need full dentures?

These are used when all of your teeth or a large proportion of them are missing or have been extracted due to infection. Extra stability can be achieved using dental implants which secure your dentures into place which many people are now finding more beneficial.

Do implant-retained dentures provide any other benefits?

Implant-retained dentures provide a high level of stability, functionality and comfort that is unrivalled. Patients with this type of denture welcome the ease of eating, speaking and maintaining oral health and liken it to having natural teeth. Bone loss is also slowed down significantly.

What is a partial denture?

These are used when only a few teeth are missing. They can stop the healthy surrounding teeth moving into the gaps after tooth loss, maintaining the stability of your mouth and smile.

Are dentures still made using acrylic?

There is a choice of materials whith each one having benefits and disadvantages: 

Most dentures are made from an acrylic/resin mix as it has the lowest cost. It is long lasting, durable and if your denture becomes loose over time due to changes in your gums, a copy of your denture can be easily made and re-fitted.


Chrome dentures provide a thinner base and often a better fit. However, they are considerably more expensive than acrylic/resin dentures and take a longer length of time to make.


Valplast dentures offer extreme flexibility in movement and are far more comfortable to wear than other dentures. The components of the plastic allows for a thinner denture to be made but it is strong and durable. Valplast dentures are also more natural looking and blend in with gums more effectively. The only downside is that they are more expensive than regular dentures.