5 Ways That Quitting The Cigarettes Will Benefit Your Health!

04th Jun 2018

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Smoking is a very debatable topic as people are either for or against it. Over the years smoking has always been a popular activity but in recent years cigarettes have become harder to get hold of and have increased in cost massively. However, I’m not here to talk about the costs or availability. I am here to focus on the health benefits of quitting those cigarettes.

There are many different to aids to assist quitting smoking. For example; E-Cigarettes, patches, Nicotine chewing gum, hypnotising and the list goes on! Quitting smoking is easier said than done as I’m sure many will know…but its worth a shot! Here’s how your health will benefit from quitting.

Benefit Number One.

Quitting smoking will decrease the risks of oral cancer. It has been proven that 90% of oral cancers are caused by smoking, as well as a large percentage of lung and stomach cancer.

Everytime you come for a dental health assessment you are assessed from any strange/ unusual lumps, bumps or discolouration, this is why a 6 months check is ideal to ensure this is checked regularly. You will also be at a lower risk of 13 other cancers when you quit smoking.

Benefit Number Two.

There are many changes which take place in the body from even as soon as little 20 minutes.

The body is fragile and it knows whats going on. An example of this would be, in 24 hours all the carbon monoxide will have evacuated from your body.

Not only this but your lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking and tar debris. Just imagine how good this must be for your body!

Benefit Number Three.

Quitting the cigarettes will slower the pace of skin aging and evening out the skin tone.

When you’re a smoker, wrinkles appear on the skin years before the average , this is because smoking constricts the blood vessels which keep the skin tissue looking healthy and glowing.

On average it it known that smokers tend to look 1.4 years older!

Benefit Number 4.

After quitting smoking you will feel more energetic and lively, this is because smoking makes you feel more sluggish and fatigued. It is known that in the first weeks of quitting your blood circulation improves.

Not only this, but your immune system will improve greatly and therefore colds and flu can be fort off easier which means you’ll overall be healthier!

Benefit Number 5.

A non-smoking lifestyle can lead to nicotine withdrawal symptoms which appear as stress, most people confuse this with life stresses and usually tend to pick up a cigarette to relieve the stress. However, the stress is not related and has been scientifically proven that after quitting

For more advise and tips to help you quit smoking journey visit https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/quit-smoking/. Ive found this is the most informative site I have come across!

Jodie McGuinness