How Do Teeth Stain and How Do You Get Rid of Badly Stained Teeth?

29th May 2024

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Teeth stains are found in a variety of forms and colours, most commonly brown or yellow. Teeth discoloration is frequently the result of ingesting stained foods and beverages such as curries, pasta sauces and red wine. Tooth stains usually only need to be brushed away; as long as you keep up to your regular cleaning and dental hygiene routine, the stains should go away. Simple preventative care is brushing and flossing to get rid of badly stained teeth. 

But occasionally, discolored teeth might be the result of something else happening in the body or mouth. Dentists refer to stains that are created by objects coming into contact with your teeth as extrinsic (external) tooth stains. This kind of staining can be easily maintained by a 6 monthly scale and polish with the hygienist, more stubborn staining can be removed with an oxygenated powder known as Airflow polish treatment. Sometimes intrinsic staining can occur, this is when the staining is within the makeup of the internal layers of the tooth and can only be resolved with filling, crown or veneer intervention.  

Some possible reasons for yellow stains on teeth are as follows: 

1)  Bad dental hygiene:

Having dirty teeth and not brushing them can lead to tooth discoloration over time and a variety of other problems, including the decay of tooth enamel. Make it a point to brush your teeth twice daily. 

2)  Smoking tobacco 

In addition to many other harmful health problems, tobacco smoke discolors the teeth. Nicotine stains can appear on the front or back of the teeth and are usually yellow in color with an orange undertone.  

How Do Teeth Stain and How Do You Get Rid of Badly Stained Teeth?

3) Coffee consumption

A cup of coffee in the morning can certainly make you feel more energised, but it can also leave brown stains on your teeth afterwards. One of the most prevalent teeth stain problems is coffee stains.

4) Taking a tea break 

Compared to coffee, tea stains are much more widespread and less well-known; black teas are especially problematic for leaving stains. Green tea or fruit can also discolor your teeth leaving stubborn stains behind! 

5) Red wine consumption: 

Red wine can quickly leave your teeth with dark, reddish stains. The tanning in the wine will stick to your teeth, red wine and other alcohols have effects on your teeth that are quite like those of sugar. 

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6) Older age:  

Tooth enamel naturally erodes with age, and teeth are fully developed at a relatively young age. This can readily increase the visibility of stains. As you become older, yellow staining becomes more apparent.  

7) Tooth decay 

Tooth decay can result in dark, black stains, making it potentially the most dangerous cause of 
stained teeth. Tooth pulp necrosis is a disorder that can cause excruciating pain if a tooth decays and dies, a small black/brown spot on your tooth is most likely a cavity starting. 

8) Black tartar 

This is the result of bacterial accumulation along the gum line. It is caused by very heavy black stains at the tooth’s upper border, close to the gum, and can spread to the remainder of the tooth. 

How Do Teeth Stain and How Do You Get Rid of Badly Stained Teeth?, dentist in bradford taking new patients

9) Diseases and infections 

In rare instances, stains on the teeth may be a result from a problem other than dental decay, such as a viral infection. Chemotherapy is one treatment that might discolor teeth when used to treat malignancies of the mouth or neck. 

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Types of Teeth Stains 

Ever wondered why your teeth sometimes look more like a stained coffee cup than pearly whites? Well, there are various types of teeth stains that can dull your smile. Understanding what causes these stains is the first step towards getting rid of them. 

1) Surface Stains:

These are the most common type of stains and occur on the outer layer of the tooth, known as the enamel. Surface stains can be caused by consuming dark-colored foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark fizzy drinks. 

2) Intrinsic Stains:  

Unlike surface stains, intrinsic stains occur within the tooth’s structure. They can be caused by factors such as trauma to the tooth, excessive fluoride exposure during childhood, or certain medications like tetracycline antibiotics. 

3) Age-Related Stains: 

As we age, our enamel naturally wears down, revealing the yellowish dentine underneath. This can result in a duller, more yellow appearance to the teeth. 

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How to Get Rid of Badly Stained Teeth/ Yellow Teeth

Having brown stains on the teeth might be concerning, particularly for those who dislike visiting the dentist and wonder how to get rid of stains on teeth. Fortunately, stain removal is typically an easy procedure that causes no pain at all! While some methods of removing discolored teeth can be done at home with ease and safety, others call for a trip to the dentist.

Some techniques to remove stains from teeth are as follows: 

1) Use whitening toothpaste

A lot of toothpastes contain baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, which helps dissolve stains. Although baking soda is a powerful ingredient, this kind of toothpaste only employs a tiny bit of it. These products can sometimes be quite abrasive and may cause more harm than good. Professional tooth whitening is another option. 

2) Improve your oral hygiene 

You can stop the progression of caries if you have early-stage tooth decay, which could make stains look less noticeable. Reducing the likelihood of developing black tartar can also be achieved with improved cleaning and hygiene practices. 

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3) Keep gum or mints on hand:  

Both chewing gum and strong mints can help remove stains from teeth and improve breath quality. You can carry a tiny pack of mints or gum (sugar free) in your pocket or bag.

4) Restorative dentistry 

This may be the best course of action for stained teeth caused by tooth decay. Root canal therapy, white fillings, crowns or veneers are available options. Cosmetically driven treatments are a good way to improve your smile.  

A dentist’s expert cleaning can help even the worst-stained teeth. Teeth can look better if plaque and tartar are removed with specialised instruments, especially if there are yellow stains. Stains on the surface of the enamel can also be effectively removed by polishing during a dental cleaning. 

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Teeth Stain Remover: No More Brown Stains on Teeth 

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Say goodbye to those bad yellow teeth with our range of effective teeth stain removers. Whether you prefer in-house treatments or at-home solutions, we have options to suit every need and budget. 

Take-Home Whitening Kits: 

The convenience of whitening your teeth at home has mutliple benefits. We offer take-home whitening kits that are safe, effective, and extremely easy to use. Simply follow the instructions provided and watch as your teeth become several shades whiter. 

Looking to get rid of those bad yellow teeth? Look no further! Schedule your teeth whitening appointment at Eccleshill Dental today and experience the difference. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a radiant smile with teeth whitening Bradford. 

Dental Clinic Near Me: Your Smile Deserves the Best 

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Dental Hygienist Bradford: Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy 

Regular visits to our dental hygienist are essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing teeth stains. Our hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar buildup to keep your smile looking its best, also offering thorough Oral Health guidance to keep your teeth healthy at home in between visits.  

Conclusion: Remove Stains from Teeth and Reveal Your Best Smile 

Don’t let stained teeth hold you back from smiling with confidence. With the help of Eccleshill Dental, you can remove stains from teeth and reveal your best smile yet. Whether you opt for professional teeth whitening treatments, airflow stain removal or good old-fashioned oral hygiene, we have the solutions you need to achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile.  

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