02nd Apr 2020

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5/1/2021: COVID – 19 UPDATE

Following the Prime Minister’s update on 4th January 2021 advising that the country is moving into another lockdown, we received further guidance from the Government and NHS England that dentistry is exempt from the new restrictions.

This means our practice will remain open for both routine and urgent dental care for all patients. We can still offer face-to-face appointments, although these could be limited due to the constraints of our additional safety protocols.

Whilst we remain open and available, to reduce unnecessary travel we can assist in triaging, assessing and managing your condition remotely. This may include remote prescription for analgesics (painkillers) and/or antibiotics when appropriate.

If you have any non-urgent dental concerns or if you simply prefer not to attend for an appointment at the present, we will be glad to arrange to have a discussion with you on the phone. Clearly this won’t be able to deal with everything but we hope we may be able to provide reassurance in many situations. ⠀

As always, we are keeping abreast of the situation and monitoring guidance from the various health authorities to do everything we can to protect the health and wellbeing of our patients and employees.

We would like to remind you of our constant message to keep up good oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth healthy is an important part of keeping your immune system healthy. ⠀

We look forward to seeing you soon and caring for you as we usually do. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thank you for your support, and stay safe, The Team at Eccleshill Dental

1/6/2020 : COVID – 19 UPDATE

We are very pleased to inform you that we will be reopening the practice as per government guidelines on Monday the 8th of June. We are all really looking forward to welcoming you into the practice again. 

When we do reopen we will prioritise appointments for any urgent or pressing issues that some of our patients have been living with. Over the following weeks, we will then phase back into normal routine care. We would be grateful if everyone is patient and understanding of this but please be reassured that we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. We know many of you are anxious to get back into the practice and access our care. 

Our team have worked really hard to keep a log of every patient who has reached out for our help and support during this pandemic, and a log of all appointments that have been cancelled because of the lockdown. We will be in touch via phone, text and email to each of these patients to arrange appointments, and we will ensure every patient is seen as soon as possible. 

To help us schedule your care and work through the backlog, we are planning to provide extra clinics, increase our opening hours and add some evening and weekend clinics too. We hope this means we can provide your care as soon as possible.

Safety and infection control has always been of the highest priority in our practice and over the past 10 weeks, we have been continually reviewing guidance from the NHS, Public Health England and the Government. This work will allow us to provide a safe environment for our patients and team members on reopening. We have been undertaking our return to work planning for many weeks now and have amended our operating procedures, purchased enhanced PPE and increased our safety protocols….. so we are now ready to go! 

As a result of these increased protocols, your next visit to the practice may look and feel different. Our team members will be wearing enhanced PPE, we will be promoting social distancing and your journey through the practice may be different. We will be creating some practice videos to highlight of some these changes and will update you with these and more information in due course. We hope that these changes will be transient and over the coming weeks and months, we will return to normal. However, at present we must ensure the highest level of patient safety.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by calling us on ? 01274 633406.

24/4/2020 : COVID – 19 UPDATE

As you know, the guidance from NHS, Public Health England and the Government is to defer all routine dental care. However, we still remain open and available to you if you have any urgent dental issues or, if you just need some advice or guidance. Please do not hesitate to contact us on ? 01274 633406 if you need us.

We are managing urgent dental issues over the phone with our receptionists and dentists assessing your condition. After which, we are then providing appropriate advice, analgesia (painkillers) and/or antibiotics when appropriate. Indeed, we are even fielding calls and providing care to new patients and patients from other practices, which have simply closed or are not contactable.

If we cannot manage your condition, we will refer you to one of the Urgent Dental Care Centres that have now been set up by the Government in our area. There was a delay in these sites becoming operational and they have only just become active. These services have a specific premise to provide urgent dental care in a safe setting with appropriate systems and PPE in place to protect you during this pandemic.

Please call us if you have an urgent dental issue and if we cannot manage it, we will organise and manage your referral to these centres on your behalf. These centres will then contact you and undertake further triaging and assessment over the phone, before then discussing appropriate options/treatments. This may include then travelling to these the Urgent Dental Care Centres for treatment.

We have introduced Video Consultations via the Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp platforms for our patients. We felt that this is more personal and dedicated than a phone call, and is available for routine advice or a more pressing issue. If anyone wishes to speak with his or her dentist for any reason, we are more than happy to arrange a video consultation. Again, please email or call to arrange on? 01274 633406.


2/4/2020 : COVID – 19 UPDATE

Like all dental practices, we have had updated guidance from the government to postpone and defer all dental care during this Coronavirus pandemic.

However, our practice will remain open and we are available over the phone to assist our patients providing advice, reassurance and in appropriate situations analgesics and antibiotics.

Please contact us by calling ? 01274 633406 or click here, where we will remain available to you throughout this pandemic!

We will provide specific dental advice to help our patients help manage their dental health until we re-open. We will then prioritise your care. We have been advised that we are forbidden from providing any dental care during this pandemic so are unable to offer appointments here.

If you are experiencing any dental emergencies that can not be managed with analgesics or antibiotics, one of our dental team will discuss options including referral to one of the local urgent dental care centres. These are currently being set up locally to manage dental issues during this pandemic. Again, please call us on? 01274 633406 and one of our team will assist you further.

Read our blog, which shows things you can do to that may help reduce the pain without having to leave your house and manage pain from teeth, gums, ulcers and/or broken teeth until you are able to see us.

Download a short guide on how to manage your toothache, which has been put together by the creative @digimax_dental team.

Stay safe!

From the Eccleshill Dental team