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21st May 2018
Tooth Whitening – What Works and What Doesn’t?

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic treatment which is used to improve the smile aesthetically. A brighter and whiter smile is appealing to the public as it is known that the eyes and…

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18th Apr 2018
4 Ways Your Dental Care is More Affordable Than You Think

When was the last time you visited the dentist for a regular dental health check and hygiene appointment? You’re probably busy worrying about your family, work, finances, and array of…

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9th Apr 2018
The Real Cost of NOT Replacing a Missing Tooth

Most people are aware that missing teeth make us appear older, but have you ever wondered about the health implications of not replacing a missing tooth? According to a study…

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26th Mar 2018
NHS Vs. Private Dentistry: Which One Is Right For Me?

Most patients looking to find a new dental practice are searching for NHS dental services. Inevitably, people have reservations about paying for a private dentist when the NHS offers dental…

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19th Mar 2018
A Practical Guide To Overcoming Dental Anxiety

‘Dentophobia’, or a fear of the dentist, is extremely common. Statistics suggest that around 12% of us suffer from extreme dental anxiety. The British Dental Association says that 25% of…

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13th Mar 2018
How To Find The Right Dental Practice For You

Bradford and Leeds are fortunate enough to have many dental practices. But with so many dentists and options, how do you know which Bradford and Leeds dental practice is right…

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5th Mar 2018
Braces: How Old Is Too Old?

A question that many patients ask is at what is the best age for braces? Commonly, people assume that the best results are achieved when braces are worn as children. The…

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26th Feb 2018
The Magic In Your Smile: 10 Ways Smiling Benefits Your Health and Happiness

The Magic In Your Smile: 10 Ways Smiling Benefits Your Health and Happiness They say that there is magic in a smile, and we can’t deny the warmth we feel…

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22nd Feb 2018
Welcome To Our Blog!

At Eccleshill Dental, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best patient experience. We believe that patients should feel like a part of our family from the moment they step…

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