How To: Make Tooth Brushing Enjoyable For Children!

02nd Jul 2018

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Do you find tooth brushing time is difficult with your child/ren? Gaining cooperation with children can be difficult and it can be stressful for a parent. Here are some top tips to make tooth brushing time easier for the little ones!

Tooth brushing can be made fun, right?

Children may find tooth brushing boring which will lead to a loss in interest. Meaning they quickly become uncooperative. Children feed off energy and enjoy being surrounded in a positive environment. A child would be more open to spend time on toothbrushing if it was enjoyable for them. Praising a child for doing well is key to move them into continuous routine, but the question is, how?

How can I praise my child?

  • Sticker charts – This shows they are doing well so they are rewarded.
  • Treats – e.g. brush twice a day for 2 weeks and have a small treat. As time goes on children will fit into a routine you can extend the time period to monthly. Soon this will become second nature to them.
  • Allowing them to pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste. This will make children feel independent and excited to use their new toothbrush which they have picked. Flovaoured tooth paste will also ensure that the flavour is not a reason to be put off at brushing time!


Gaining Trust.

Brushing you child’s teeth has to be made enjoyable for them. Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes is ideal. So maybe try brushing to their favourite song, a flavoured toothpaste, a character toothbrush of their choice or brushing with a cuddly toy. Children like to teach and be in charge, so allow your child to teach you or their toy th best ways to brush!

Children are influenced!

Children trust their parents and are influenced by their actions. Have you ever noticed your child copying something you do? That’s because they know your actions are right so they are influenced by them. Why not brush your teeth as you little one do there’s! This will get them into a routine and will try copying your techniques.

Interacting with children.

Let them brushing your teeth! and then you can brush theres. This is something alot of parents do to ensure the teeth are getting cleaned as well as possible. Youtube have some fantastic videos with characters, songs and ryhmes children will enjoy. The videos are designed to last as long as toothbrushing should, this is so children get into a routine of brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and still find it fun and exciting. Only play the video at brushing times, so they relate the song to brusing their teeth.

It is important that children are engaging from a young age so as soon as you see a little tooth come through, introduce a toothbrush to them!

If your little one is over 12 months old, get them booked in with the dentist so they can get used to the dental environment!

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